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Eddie Mugavero: news

HORSE OPRA LIVE - January 21, 2012

Just received this performance in the mail from ex-bandmate, WAYNE OLESINKSI from New, what a blast from the past! It was recorded on reel to reel (remember those?) in 1982 at a club called APPLES in Kenilworth NJ. Thats me on bass, harmony vocals and a few lead vocals. Check out my music page under the heading HORSE OPRA LIVE. It wears me out just listening to all that youngin' energy!

Sanne - September 11, 2010

Sanne Fiore's cut of my song BADA BOOJIE WOOJIE is climbing the charts in Belgium. I hope it's a huge hit. Her album will be released October 15th. Here is her website.

It's getting better all the time... - June 3, 2010

Hey gang, 2010 has been a great year so far. My song, NEW GIRL, co-written with Rebecca Sayre, was featured on the FOX TV show, So You Think You Can Dance?...I currently have a song (I DO LOVE YOU I DO) in a Korean commercial for OK CASHBAG (a consumer rewards program)...I have song cuts in Belgium...I remain madly in love with Lana, and madly in love with my NY Yankees..and I am compiling a live BadaBing BadaBoom CD for release mid-July. I am enjoying the process, hanging with new and old friends...and digging. Come see me :)

Long time - April 13, 2010

I haven't posted any news for a loooong time, probably because of Face Book...but here are the latest goings on. First of all, Yanks home opener today!!! Musically, heard "CRISP WHITE SHIRT" twice on NBC's TODAY SHOW in the last year! My song, "NEW GIRL", will be featured this summer on FOX'S "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE"...BBBB continues to sell very well in Europe....My co-writer Rebecca Sayre is playing all over town with her new trio, SUGARBEAT...I think that's it for now, stay tuned. Go Yanks!!

Broken Road - July 28, 2009

Please look for the band, BROKEN ROAD in a city near you. They perform and are soon to release my song, TRUCKER'S PRAYER. They are an extremely talented trio (with a kickin' band) from Athens, GA who are the real deal. Godspeed, guys!

Jackie...Branch - April 15, 2009

Tax, schmax..

We broke the color line in MLB today... 62 years ago.....go Jackie, go Branch..

Just try to imagine baseball without...Jackie, Doby, Hammerin' Hank, Elston, Frank R., Campy, Roberto, Ernie "Let's play 2" Banks, Billy Williams, Monte Irwin, Satch, Willie Mc, Willie Say Hey...Shall I go on?

Downing, Rice, Blair, Flood, Horton, Allen, Gibson, Marichal, Roseboro...ok, too many amazing players to mention...

I'm crazy 'bout baseball.

Sleep with Angels - April 9, 2009

RIP Nick.

Award - March 28, 2009

My song "NEW GIRL" (co-written with Rebecca Sayre)is a finalist in the 10th ANNUAL GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST! Way to go Bec!!

Freebird - January 28, 2009

RIP Billy Powell. You rocked.

"...and there's the pitch!" - January 16, 2009

Just a few thoughts about pitching songs to artists. (yes, I'm back into it..)

The more prolific one is as a writer, the harder it becomes when someone says.."hey, I can get a song to so and so.."

That's when the freak out begins. I say to myself in my head all alone, .."OK, I have one good shot..are they wanting 'uptempo stupid', 'ballad profound', 'funny', 'topical', 'spiritual', 'jazzy', 'country', 'swingy', 'novelty', 'showy'..'melodically driven', 'lyrically driven', 'like the last CD', 'completely different'....???????

Yikes..WTF knows?
I usually end up going through my catalogue and choosing....nothing. I mean, I don't wanna send a 'dumb pitch'. What I really wanna do is send my website url and say.."OK artist person, crack open a bottle of wine and listen to everything and pick one, cuz there's bound to be something you love."

Ummm..can't do that can we.

So, the point of this posting is that I need a 3rd party (or is it 2nd) to do the pitching for me. Attach your name to the pitch and leave me out of it. Just call me when the artist falls in love with something.

K gotta go and find one of my children for what's her name. I forget, but I hear she's selling tons of records. I'll be online, pulling my hair out. Dig.

BadaBingski BadaBoomski in Poland! - December 3, 2008

Cloud Dancin', Romance Is A Verb & Everybody Wants What They Ain't Got have been chosen to be included on the latest European release in Poland, entitled 'IN LOVE WITH JAZZ, VOL III', on the UNIVERSAL MUSIC label. Pierogies for everyone!!

CRAZY BOUT BASEBALL - October 19, 2008 cut # 1 on the new DIAMOND SERIES CD.''

The proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to underprivileged children, and will be on sale at the BASEBALL HALL OF FAME in Cooperstown, NY.

Congrats to BadaBing BadaBoom!

The Cathedral - September 20, 2008

Tomorrow, September 21st, 2008 will be the last game at Yankee Stadium.

I have marked time in my life by events at the Stadium. Most recently, '96, '98, '99, 2000.
Boone's HR in '03. Leyritz's HR in Game 3, '96..Chambliss' HR V. KC...Righetti's no-hitter V. Boston..Cone's and Wells' perfectos.Jeter's Mr. November many memories..

I have been to hundreds of Yankee games. My first was in 1961, when my Dad took me to a Twins/Yanks doubleheader. I was 7. Harmon Killebrew homered, and the Mick homered twice, from both sides of the plate, and we swept the doubleheader. I was hooked from that day on. It's now a cliche, but the green grass, the white bases, the amazing facade is indelibly etched in my mind.

I will miss the big ballyard in the Bronx. But I embrace the memories..and will embrace the new ones across the street.

Thank God for making me a Yankee fan. And thanks Dad.

Mice Pace - July 14, 2008

Finally, I'm onboard with all the other hooligans and n'er-do-wells. Come be my fake friend at:

Another Chapter - July 13, 2008

Hey, I just found myself the subject of Chapter 22 in Ted McClelland's new book. Ted is a Chicago based writer. The book is called, "THE THIRD COAST-Sailors, Strippers, Fisherman, Folksingers, Long-haired Ojibway Painters, and God-Save-the-Queen Tories of the Great Lakes".

Not sure which category I'm in, but I'm on page 255-256. He talks about my "....North" song. Cool huh?

Thanks Lana and James! - July 7, 2008

Lana..You are too modest! Thank you from the bottom of my heart from me and fans/friends of this stuff!! You made it happen with your diligence, knowledge and patience..and your love. And a big shout out to James Baird, who through his foresight, managed to capture this stuff on video for posterity. U rock James! Lana..thanks again for your love in seeing this project through. I love you. More to come. Dig.

BadaBing BadaBoom and Darts on UTUBE!! - July 4, 2008

Search BadaBing BadaBoom or Darts on U-Tube or click this link!!

Can't go wrong in Europe... - June 23, 2008

My song, "CRISP WHITE SHIRT", has been chosen to be included on a complilation album, to be released in Europe this summer. It is a country compilation CD...go figure! I'll keep you posted!

Mugavero in Cooperstown!! - April 4, 2008

Thanks to the tenacity of my friend and colleague Bob Dellaposta, my song, CRAZY 'BOUT BASEBALL, performed by BadaBing BadaBoom, will be included on the latest compilation of baseball songs, and will be on sale at the BASEBALL HALL OF FAME in Cooperstown, NY. We are enshrined!!!

This program is spearheaded by Jeff Campbell, with the mission to inspire underprivileged children (and others) through positive musical and creative experiences.

I always dreamed I'd make it to the Hall as a 2nd baseman, but I'll take 'songwriter'. Very cool!! Congrats to Mo, Bec, Chris, G, Bob & Stephan, Hall Of Famers!

..and Tommy G, the answer is 'no', I was not taking steroids when I wrote it...why, is my head big??

The link: (scroll down to 'BASEBALL SERIES'-Diamond Cuts)

Greasy kidstuff... - March 12, 2008

Just added a section to my photos..

old stuff from my pre-wonder years. Thanks Lana for your Photo-Shop expertise. You rock!

Becca on Youtube - February 25, 2008

Go hear and see Rebecca Sayre singing a Sayre/Mugavero/Mechem composition on Youtube...this was a scat melody Bec sent me, and I composed the title and lyrics..."INFATUATION"

Also, Bec is doing her own tune, "NOTHING LIKE THE BLUES"

The wonderful and talented Beegie Adair on piano, and swingin' Charlie Chadwick on upright. (Be sure to turn off the autoplay feature on Bec's page first)
Here is the link:

BadaBing BadaBoom 'Live' - February 23, 2008

Just posted several tracks from a live performance at WOLFY'S ON BROADWAY, circa 1997. Those were some wild times...huge, energetic crowds, and we were still in our infancy. Most of these tunes went on to be recorded on one of our 4 CDs, but these performances are the true essence of what we were. I am considering getting this performance digitally mastered, and releasing a live album. Let me know what you think!

Here is the link:
BadaBing BadaBoom Live @ Wolfy's

Taking time to re-group... - February 17, 2008

In an effort to make my site easier to navigate, I have re-grouped some songs by category. At the top of my music page, you'll now find all of BadaBing BadaBoom, Cathryn Craig and David Spear & The Darts, male country, etc.. in their own categories. I have also included a section of demos, mostly played and sung by yours truly. Hope you enjoy the re-vamp!!

Gems.. - February 12, 2008

My good bud Rebecca Sayre has unearthed 3 BadaBing rehearsal tapes with songs I have long forgotten. By week's end, I'll have them burned and posted to my site. Thanks Bec for having the foresight to hit the 'record' button while we learned these tunes. Most of these never got performed in public. There are probably about 15 I've been missing. Woohoo!

"Can You Com-Mitt?" - February 8, 2008

Oh well, no more Mitt. I'm gonna stop jinxing candidates...
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