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Eddie Mugavero: photos


My daddy, Nick Mugavero~ Look closely at his eyes, and see the glint that would soon be me.  Cool duds, Dad!!
My Dad and Mom..Nick and Anita-Early 80's (miss you mom!!)
Mom & Dad's Wedding-Where's Luca Brasi???
This is the only pic I have of my whole family.  Dad, Joyce, Mom, me, Mike.  Mom passed away one month later. (1989)
My Sis's kids, Jimmy & Chrissy-They are too cool!
The late, great Chief Edward Mugavero of Darien, CT( Dad's Dad)-The coolest man ever to walk the planet - and my namesake. I'm not worthy!!
My beautiful, talented step-mom Mary, and my handsome Daddy (80 years young!!), Nick
My Step-Mom Mary & GW~ She played piano at his inauguration!
Bro-in-law Ron, Sis Joyce, Step Mom Mary and Daddy
Me, Grandma (100yrs old!!), my sis Joyce, & and my bro Mike...hope I got Grandma's genes!!