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Eddie Mugavero: photos

Greasy kidstuff

My first 8 x 10 glossy.  Damn, I already need an eyebrow pluck.
Nice bangs, Joyce.  Actually, nice DO altogether.  Poor sis. :)
Who'll stop the rain? Doesn't matter, we're ready.  Rug pattern and wallpaper was my first acid trip. Joyce, Mom, me in Philly, Pa.
Hot, hot, hot.  Me, Mom, and Joyce in Wilmington, Del.  Nice gams, Mom! Nice shoes, Eddie. Probably hand-me-downs from Joyce.
Me holding court with all Joyce's friends at her first communion. Philly, Pa.  The almighty Tootsie-Pop.
Leave your baggage off my train.  I always wanted to be an engineer. (and why is my hand always covering my balls?)
Cowboy Eddie and Miss Priss Joyce, getting ready to chow down.~Philly, Pa.  It looks dark outside & Joyce is still in jammies. Makes me think I probably been wearing this get-up all day, or she was too lazy to get dressed, or it's turkey for breakfast.
Me and bro Mike making many left hand turns.  Mike, can you look more bored?  They don't make race car sets like that anymore! (Eldon) See the ping pong ball under the overpass?  Dad finished this basement all by himself.
Me and Mike..where's the fire? And what's up with that tree? Perfect tinsel (kids! one strand at a time!!). Thank you very much, Pop.  A grown up Charlie Brown tree.
Breakfast in America..Menlo Park Terrace, NJ.  Cinnamon toast, Tang, and an ashtray full of crushed out Pall Malls, courtesy of Mom. ("Go comb your hair boys, we're trying out this new Polaroid dealie.")
Children of the jammies, and hands on balls again.  Jeez.  Michael was a shrimp, in retrospect.  Check out his jammie bottoms.
Godfather in training..Mars, Pennsylvania~ Easter Sunday.  That suit itched like crazy, but I was SO ready for the big flood. This was before thriftshops. Mom bought this suit retail. (in the husky dept)
"Hey Mike, take it easy...that's probably MY gift, cuz I'm the favorite"
John McKeage, Bill Dolphin, and me..Menlo Park Terrace, NJ.  Eddie, pull your pants up a little higher and you won't need a jersey. Johnny Orioles, Billy White Sox (wearing dress shoes?), me Pirates, and hands on balls.