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Eddie Mugavero: photos

Animal Attraction

My beloved doggies and 15 year companions, Minstrel & Paul.  Both passed away in 2002.  On many work tapes, I hear them barking in the background.  I miss them very much.
Minstrel & Paul at the old pad.
Minnie & Paul on the porch at the old pad.  They were inseparable, and so were we.
After Minstrel & Paul passed, there came Yankee, my new sweetie!! (2003)
Yankee's first gig
Yankee needed a bud, so along came Rebel in 2005!
Rebel, hanging by the fire
Yank and Rebel, kissing by the fire
Yankee & Rebel ~ Kissing by the fire at my pad
My 2 cool cats, and favorite cowriters!! Rebel and Yankee
Nuttin'~ I tried to adopt Nuttin', but he hated good food, warm surroundings, and having 2 sisters.  He lives outside, and usually runs away from me.
Mister Scott~ Beloved of good friends, LaurieAnne & Mike Blanchard. RIP, dude.
Rebecca Sayre and her 'life-long friend', MY LUCKY LADY.  I wrote BAREBACK PROMENADE about Lady, Bec and her b/f, "gliding across that misty meadow..."
Nicki ~ Beloved doggie of my good friends Bob & Sandi - RIP April '07-cool little mutt!!
Sparky ~ late, beloved companion of my cool ex-housemate, Pete Wurdock.
Hoppie Vaughan & Smokie ~ Too cool cats!
Swingin' Johnson & Swingin' Lily.
Iglet ~ Anna's kitty.  Anna and I used to sling hash and plan parties together.  :)
Baci ~ My Dad and Mary's kitty.  I had a sweet cat named Baci in the 70's.  Always thought it was a cool name.
My bro Mike and his cool mutt, Benny, the Giant fan!
My gorgeous sis-in-law Jen (Mike's wife) with sweet smellin' pup mutt-in-law!  His 1st B-day.
Big Boy ~ Cleo's big ol' mutt!
Ringo ~ Lana's left handed drummer fish from Canada..that's gold, Jerry.
Jasper ~ My triv bud Lindsay's doggie.
My cute NJ cousin Jackie's adorable, loving kitties...Simba & Bogart
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