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All 4 BadaBing BadaBoom CDs available on CDBaby!

Volume II - CD

VOLUME II- Don't let the name fool you! This is our first album, featuring, "That's What I Like About The North", our most requested song ever!!
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Jonesin' To Swing - CD

JONESIN' TO SWING- Our 2nd album, featuring, "Hat Check Girl", "Boogie Woogie Bookie From Paducah Kentucky", & "Martini Time"...with special guests Beegie Adair, Jeff Coffin, Tom Reynolds & Pat Bergesen.
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A Hip Little Christmas - CD

A HIP LITTLE CHRISTMAS- 4 Original Christmas songs!!
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Mood Swing And Other Favorites - CD

MOOD SWING AND OTHER FAVORITES-Our last studio album, featuring a collection of our early hits, including "Remember The Alimony", "Romance Is A Verb" & "Her Or Me", as well as many more of your favorites!!
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