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Eddie Mugavero: photos

Me, friends, bandmates & inspirations

Latest Mug shot~ June 1st, 2008
Me with very little makeup and my vintage Gibson swingbox. (Jonesin' To Swing Photo-2000)
Horse Opra, circa 1982
Horse Opra-1980 (l-r) Mark Washburn, Damian Boucher, Greg Biolsi, JC Scott, Eddie Mugavero
Bob Dellaposta & me in the studio...cowriters and pals.  In studio, recording VOLII, 1996.
Rebecca Sayre~My best friend in Nashville. Bec is a former BadaBing BadaBoom vocalist, and my most recent co-writer.
Mood Swing CD photo-2002
David Spear & the Darts (l-r) Eddie, Brad Henderson, David, Jennie Hoeft, Hoppie Vaughan.  Pic taken @ Hupcap Annies in Nashville, TN 1994.
Susie Stephens~ Co-writer and publishing partner (Silver Spring Music-BMI) with me, Bob Dellaposta & Stan Scherr in the early 90's.  Me and Bob drove poor Susie crazy with our "passion" lol.  Susie is a wonderful writer, author, and all around cool chick.
Jay Vern~ Musician, songwriter & producer.  Most of the piano, strings and organ played on my demos is Jay; a truly gifted artist and fellow paisan.
Ron Cornelius~ I credit Ron as the first Nashville publisher to believe in me.  Award winning writer, guitarist and producer; and one of my first friends in Nashville.
Fred Foster~Monument Records founder, writer and producer (Roy Orbison).  Fred took me under his wing in the 90's, and used to refer to me as "the breath of fresh air that just blew into Nashville."  Amazing!
My bud Mark Sherkey (right) and friend in Iraq with Bruce Willis
Bobby 'Da lip' Dellaposta~ BadaBing BadaBoom horn player, songwriter, actor, publisher and teacher. Bob is my publishing guru, my paisan and my Nashville brother.
Jen Hoeft~ BadaBing BadaBoom's original drummer; David Spear and the Darts' drummer. Musician, author, fitness instructor and one of my best friends in Nashville.
Tommy Giampietro~ BadaBing BadaBoom drummer, former roomate, and Playstation Hockey rival.  Groovemeister. Period.
Chris Enghauser~ BadaBing BadaBoom's original bassist. Composer, teacher, and the swingingest bass player I know.  Chris helped develop our sound, and me as a writer of swing music.
Stephan Dudash~ 5-String Violalist/composer with BadaBing BadaBoom; also played guitar, bass and mandolin.  Stephan is perhaps the most gifted and versatile musician with whom I've ever shared a stage.
LynnMarie & The Boxhounds-Recorded my "...North" song on their Grammy Nominated record, PARTY DRESS.  Check her out on my 'links' page!! She rocks!!
Cathryn Craig~ My favorite singer, ever.  Soulful, sweet & rockin'.
Mentally questioning the fact that I spend 7 months a year watching Yankee games, only for this to happen. 1st round in the playoffs! ugh!!  (oct '07)
Watching Rocket end his career in pinstripes..waaa! (Oct '07)
"Look drugs!!"
Only took me 40 years to grow a Beatle haircut..ha!!
Yanks v Orioles/Habs v Bruins-April 19th, '08
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