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Eddie Mugavero: photos

New York Yankee stuff

The Pope visits Yankee Stadium on April 20th, 2008. He went 2 for 3 with a walk.
My most prized possession-Mickey Mantle autographed ball, to me!! I got this from my bud, Jenny James, who is the daughter of Yanks 50's 3rd baseman, Andy Carey. Thanks Jenn!!
Yankee championship photo~'96, '98, '99, 2000.
Roger Maris bear-'61~Roger was the most under-appreciated Yankee ever.  He was one of the classiest Yankees of all time.
'61 Yankee 'Vette, trucks
'99 Yanks~ We swept the Braves that year.  Sweet!
Andy Carey (my friend Jenny's daddy) autographed photo and baseball card
Who's On First?~hit the little red button, and they do the whole!
The Babe (I think he needs a bath)
Yankee Championship porcelain mitt
Bat-autographed by Ralph Houk, Bob Turley, Moose Skowren, Bob Cerv. A gift from Janie.
Joe D, Babe, Reggie, Mickey, Yogi, Lou, Jason, Roger Maris
Joe Pepitone autographed photo.  Joe is credited as the first to use a blow dryer in a baseball locker room.
Joe Torre-autographed photo.  The greatest manager ever.
Joe T, Yankee Book
Lou stats.  The Iron Horse.  Class personified. Nuff said.
Mike Mussina, Derek, Randy J, Hideki, Bernie, A-Rod, Mo, Jorge, Tino
Rocket-autographed photo.  The greatest pitcher of my generation.
Phil Rizzuto-autograph to me and David Spear. Holy Cow, Scooter!!
The Stadium-replica.  My cat Rebel keeps pulling out the flags in the outfield.  I have replaced them 4 times. Jeez, Reb.
Yankee old timey bagatelle game
Photo-"Yankee Boys"
Poster from '98~ ticker tape parade.  (Stole it from a subway)
Yankee cuckoo clock.  Very annoying that the umpire comes out and chirps every half hour.  I had to remove the batteries. lol
Yanks/Sox chess game.
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