LynnMarie's version of the song "That's What I Like About The North" (a spin off of the 1940's Phil Harris song "That's What I Like About The South" is back in stock! (Order your copy of One Look today!) The hit song has received airplay on radio stations across the U.S. and has received raving reviews! Here's what radio is saying: LynnMarie's single 'That's What I Like About The North" became the most requested song in the history of our morning show, and has continued it's reign for the past two years!" Jim Mantel, DJ WGAR, Cleveland OH Once LynnMarie takes over your show with her fresh blend of music and comedy, the phones catch on fire! One of the most frequent questions on our web site is about the girl who sings 'The North Song'." Todd Haller Producer, The Bob & Sheri Show One of the most requested songs by our listeners is "The North" by LynnMarie. They can't get enough of her music!" Scott Dolphin & Karen Delassandro, DJ's WMIL - Milwaukee I don't know how anyone could listen to LynnMarie's music and NOT have a good time!" Bill Whyte, DJ WSM FM, Nashville TN So... call your local station and ask them to start playing "That's What I Like About The North"!”

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