From the recording ALIVE & KICKIN'

This song always makes me smile and go "awwww"...everyone that hears it looks at me and says,"You sure you don't have any kids?"

I'm pretty sure I don't


Alive and Kickin'

I'll finish up the dishes while you watch TV
go ahead dear have a seat
It doesn't bother me
Can I fluff your pillow, fix you something else to eat?
How bout I rub your feet?
Wouldja like to get some sleep?
I must admit I don't know what you're going through
But I just can't help smiling while I'm lying close to you..

Cuz our love is alive and kickin'
We'll be babysittin' in a few more days
Yes our love is alive and kickin'
With a new addition well on the way

You've sure gone through some changes and it really shows
You're wearing funny clothes, you can't even see your toes
But you've never looked more lovely than you do tonight
There's a warm glow in your eyes, I'm such a lucky guy
You've got your suitcase packed and I've got my cigars
Just tell me when it's time to go, I'm ready when you are...