From the recording HORSE OPRA "LIVE"

Horse Opra was my band in New Jersey (1979-1984). We played an eclectic brand of country, mostly cover tunes, some originals later. (My first stab at writing for a band). Founded by singers Chuck Ehrmann & JC Scott , with Damian Boucher on fiddle, I joined shortly thereafter as bass player. We were soon packing houses up and down the Northeast, most notably Cody’s & the Lone Star Café in NYC. We also performed in Oslo, Norway, and opened for countless national acts.

Band alumni, to the best of my recollection, included: Chuck Ehrmann(guitar, vocals), JC Scott(guitar, vocals), Damian Boucher(fiddle), Eddie(bass, vocals), Greg Biolsi (guitar, vocals), Greg Januse (guitar), Don McQuade (drums), the late Mark Washburn (drums), Art Cranston (drums), Wayne Olesinski (fiddle, vocals), Drew Perkins (fiddle, vocals), Bill Booth (fiddle, vocals), Gary Oliyar (fiddle), Willy ? (fiddle). We were managed by Barbara Ponter, later, attorney Steven Weiss (Robert Plant), with Gregory Zaremba (sound) & John Venditto (lights)-There were a few other assorted players over the years, whose names unfortunately escape me.

Most notable line-ups were: JC Scott, Eddie, Greg Biolsi, Damian Boucher & Mark Washburn (the early years)

Then: JC Scott, Eddie, Greg Januse, Wayne Olesinski & Art Cranston (the later years)

We disbanded in 1984, after getting "this close" to a record deal with Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records in NYC.

I’ve posted a taste of Horse Opra here, mainly to keep our legacy alive. Our motto was always, “Take No Prisoners”, and our approach to an audience was unrelenting. Thousands of people undoubtedly remember us fondly, as do I. Horse Opra was a major stepping stone for me and my songwriting career. Those days were some of the best times of my life.